Beyoncé Asked About Destiny’s Child Reunion

Beyoncé talking about the new Destiny’s Child album, Love Songs: “I was so excited to hear us together again. I just kind of dropped on the floor and felt like a little teenager again when I heard us harmonize. There’s nothing like our connection and the sisterhood we have.”

Michelle Williams Talks About ‘Nuclear’ And Destiny’s Child ‘Love Songs’ Collection – MTV Video

After eight years of passionately pursuing solo projects, which have included both music and acting, the ladies of Destiny’s Child finally reunited this year to release “Nuclear,” an original single that will appear on their upcoming compilation album, Love Songs. And as Michelle Williams tells it, the trio haven’t lost their vibe one bit.

“It was a bunch of fun. It was just picking up right where we left off,” Williams told MTV News of collaborating with Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé on the Pharrell Williams-produced single. “The harmonies and just us stacking [vocals] … Beyoncé laid hers first, then I’d go and lay another note to the bottom, and I’m like, ‘Wow, this is dope.’ I literally got goose bumps.”

“We really did it for the fans,” Michelle said when asked if we could expect more music anytime soon. “We’re not promising anything, but we just wanted to say, ‘Hey, we still got it,’ and we just wanted to give fans something just to say thank you and that we really love you. Because without you, we wouldn’t be what we are. We wouldn’t be able to do it without the fans.”


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Listen To The New Song ‘Nuclear’ By Destiny’s Child!

Here’s your chance to get your first listen to Destiny Child’s newly recorded song, “Nuclear,” from their upcoming album collection Love Songs, in stores January 29th! The track has been unveiled exclusively by our friends at Mashable.

Also be sure to visit the new Destiny’s Child Tumblr blog, where we encourage you to submit your favorite Destiny’s Child memories!

Listen to the WORLD PREMIERE of “NUCLEAR” exclusively at Mashable!

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